App Review: Agent For Android Makes iPhone Users Jealous

Our smartphones sit in our pocket all day. These little things have gotten so powerful that not only they can track our activity and help us become better people, but given the right tools they can even control our entire household. Kinda scary? I don’t think so. It’s just amazing technology that needs to be used correctly.

Developers have been so busy thinking outside the box with all sorts of apps and appcessories, that they have lost sight of what needs more immediate attention. Our smartphones. They are wonderful and amazing in every imaginable way, but the sad fact is the operating systems are not as smart as we would like them to be. Imagine a phone that adapts to everything you do, and knows what you’re going to do before you do. If this sounds like something you’d be interesting in, this just might be your lucky day. Say hello to Agent.


Agent is an Android app that aims to automate your phone’s behaviour based on certain triggers. The app consists of 5 triggers (Agents) that make your phone smarter and the developers are constantly adding more Agents to the list. It changes your phone’s behaviour based on a few factors such as battery level, location, bluetooth connectivity, Google calendar events and more. Each agent can be turned on/off via the widget on your home screen. Read on to find out how each Agent works.

Drive Agent

This agent is triggered once your phone is connected to your car’s bluetooth. Following is a list of what this Agent is capable of doing.

  1. Read out your text messages
  2. It’ll reply to texters and callers to let them know you’re driving. Although it’ll still give you the option of having a whitelist, which allows certain contacts to freely contact you.
  3. Switch your phone to silence

Battery Saver Agent

In the Agent settings you’ll be able to specify a battery level at which you’d like start saving power. Once that certain percentage is reached, the battery Agent will:

  1. Turn of bluetooth
  2. Dim screen
  3. Turn of autosync
  4. Once your battery is charged beyond the initial trigger point your phone will revert back to normal

Meeting Agent

This is by far my favourite Agent. Don’t you hate it when you forget to switch your phone to silent in a meeting and all of a sudden everyone remembers they haven’t spoken to you in a while. So they start texting you and calling you and just don’t stop until you open the window that throw your precious phone out. Then the janitor finds the phone and brings it back in middle of the meeting with your cousin Tony on the line who is complaining about why you haven’t replied to his texts?

Well you can avoid all of that with this nifty feature. The meeting Agent can read all your Google Calendar events and automatically switch your phone to silence to help you keep your professional image and your sanity. As simple as that.

Parking Agent

In addition to being triggered when connected to your car’s bluetooth, this Agent can use activity detection to determine whether you’re not you’re driving. Once it registers a prolonged stop, it assumes that you’ve parked your car and marks the spot on the map. It can also provide you the last 5 parking location.

Sleep Agent

We are nothing without a good night sleep and I for one hate receiving phone calls 3 o’clock in the morning to help my grandma turn on her computer on. To avoid those odd phone calls you can specify a time bracket between which the phone will be switched to silence. As always you can whitelist contacts who you don’t mind being woken up by. Everyone else can receive a predefined text message.


The app is a much much simpler version of Tasker and is mainly marketed at users who just want to have something that works without having to go through complicated setup process. The UI seems to be user friendly and that is sometimes a hard thing to get right with Android. In all the $1.09 AU app is worth every cent and that becomes an increasingly better value as developers continue to add Agents to the app. Drop me line and let me know what you think.