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Apple’s Gold EarPods

Along with their precious (RED) Mac Pro, Jony and Marc have decided to collaborate on creating a one of a kind Apple EarPods. The 18k Rose Gold EarPod has been selected and customized by the design genius pair, and will to auction for $20,000-$25,000 USD.

The event will take place on the 23rd, same day as the (RED) Mac Pro auction, which is estimated to set the buyer back by $60,000 USD. Just like all other (Product) RED merchandise, a portion of the selling price will be given to Global Fund.

While the Golden EarPods are breathtaking to look at, the actual sound quality will remain the same as the internal engineering remains the same. It’s unlikely that we’ll be seeing someone walking down the street and rocking out to the Gold EarPods, but if we do, let’s stop them and ask if they sounds any better.

To sweeten the deal, the EarPods will be auctioned with a custom display case, hopefully guilting you into not ever taking it out of the case. Given the budget, this is one piece of art I’ll proudly frame and display on the wall.