App Review: Moves 2.0

We all like to complain about iOS 7 and it’s revamped interface, but that may or may not be the case, depending on who you ask. As far as the UI and UX goes, it’s always going to be very subjective, and no one can argue with how one feels. One thing that most tech heads do agree with though, is the underlying technology. I’m talking about true multitasking, Multipath, new physics engine and last but not least, the mighty background data.

Background data is an amazing technology that works very similar to Geo-fencing, but instead of being restricted to location services it can access a wider range of data, such as acceleration, GPS and location. The technology allows apps to collect data even when the phone is locked and put away, which allows developers to create innovative apps like never before.

One of the applications that has taken great advantage is Moves 2.0, an iOS activity tracking app that counts your daily steps and distance travelled, without the need for an external accessory or the M7 chip. Having said that the app is capable of making full use of your iPhone 5s’ precious M7 chip in order to provide you with more accurate information.


Moves simply sits in your pocket – or anywhere else as long as it’s on you – and starts calculating your movements using an acceleration data algorithm. The company has developed their own activity and place recognition technology that uses acceleration and location data to determine the kind of activity you’re engaging in (i.e. walking, running, cycling or transport).

For time being you’ll be able to view information such as activity duration, steps taken, distance travelled and even calories burned. Although the built in functionalities of the app are limited a the moment, the company is planning to add additional features to Moves further down the track. You can download Moves 2.0 on both Apple’s App Store and Google Play

One of the most amazing features of the app is its Connected Apps. Good folks of ProtoGeo have created their own API (Application Programmable Interface) in order to allow other developers to take advantage of the data collected by Moves and use it in order to create innovative apps. Of course user data is very secure as the company uses OAuth 2.0 to authorise apps.

UI (User Interface)

The user interface is absolutely delightful. From the gorgeous simple icon on your home screen to the timeline of your daily activity. Most apps these days require to read and record some sort of information from your phone, but the challenge is not gathering the information. Rather, it’s the displaying of the data that presents developers and creative designers with a challenge as it’s the one chance most apps have in setting themselves apart from the rest. I personally have only seen a handful of apps with interfaces this clean, organised and delightful.

Moves 2.0 has been redesigned to take full advantage of iOS 7′s flat look and feel. Unlike most other fitness apps, Moves doesn’t feel the need to hide its beauty behind a ton of make up and custom elements. Instead it embraces the native iOS 7 guidelines (with a touch of colour) to bring a familiar experience for the user.

UX (User Experience)

The developers and designers have gone to great extends to provide a responsive, snappy experience that takes your breath away. There are no awkward moments when you touch the screen and wonder if the event was registered. At your touch the elements spin, bounce, slide or pop to show you something has happened and your interaction was received.


I would much rather have an app that does one thing and does it perfectly, rather than an app that does many things but does them poorly. I believe Moves is the former for the time being. It tracks your activity and does a damn good job at it. One major set back for the users may be the $1.99 price tag. It helps to keep in mind that you’re not just paying for one app, but rather a wide range of apps that take advantage of the Moves API.

While Moves is capable of taking full advantage of your phones M7 chip, it can provide amazingly accurate information without the chip for earlier models of iPhones. This is due to iOS 7 background data feature and Moves’ intelligent data collection algorithm.

Please drop me a line below and tell me about your experience with Moves or other activity tracking apps.


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