Revolv Makes Your Smart Home Appliances Smarter

Our lives are surrounded by smart devices that aim to enhance our daily experience in and out of home. This is a wonderful things if it was done properly. Just because something is automated and can connect to your WiFi it doesn’t make it smart. In my humble opinion, a device can be considered smart when it fades away and allows you to forget that it exists. A device can be considered smart when it gets out of your way and does what it was designed to do without any input from you. This is why I’m a huge fan of devices with IFTTT(If This Then That) integration. For example the Belkin Wemo Range, The Jowbone Up and the Philips Hue to name a few.  You set it once and you forget about it. That’s what smart is.

All these smart devices are amazing as individual products, but things may get out of hand when you have 10-15 smart devices in your home. Traditionally manufactures develop apps for these devices to allow easy control from a smart phone. Imagine having an app for every single smart device in your home and trying to work it all. Call me old fashioned, but I’ll go back to my old school lights and wall plugs.

This is problem that our friends over at Revolv are trying to solve. Imagine one central hub that controls all  of your smart devices. Every last one of them. And of course, since it’s just a single hub, it means you can delete all those other apps from your phone control everything using the Revolv app. Revolv uses the same principles as IFTTT to trigger certain functions/actions based on a condition, this could be changing the thermostat’s temperature according to weather whether or turning certain devices/lights on/off based time of day or even your location. That’s pretty nifty.

One of the most wonderful things about the product is that it comes with 7 different wireless radios, which allows the hub to speak to a wider range of devices via wireless. Right now the hub is capable of controlling 19 of the best selling smart appliances on the market but that list will grow as the company releases software updates every month. The list of supported devices includes Philips Hue, Trane’s Thermostats, Sonos speakers and GE’s wall outlets and switches. Full list here

As always, it’s a shame that this product is not available in Australia. because I really want the company to my $300 and give me a little box that’ll help me become a lazier human being. I’m a fan of simple and future proof products and Revolv is promising to be both those things.