Titan Arm
Titan Arm: Gain Super Strength With This Exoskeleton

Dyson has been holding an engineering competitions since 2007 and each year the most creative, innovative and interesting project will be declared winner. The winner will take home £30,000 (Roughly about $48,000 USD) and have an opportunity to improve and mass produce their invention. This year the competition saw a wide range of interesting ideas, but the Titan Exoskeleton topped them all with it’s futuristic promise.

The device is meant to assist users in lifting about an extra 18kg beyond their maximum abilities. The team initially designed the project to help assist occupational lifters, hoping to reduce their likelihood of sustaining injuries. Beyond that the Titan Arm can also be used to help stroke patients re-build muscle. The Arm will collect data throughout the day and make it available to users and doctors to help them measure improvement and stay motivated.

If I was shown this machine a few months ago, I would have most probably thought it was just a prank and just brushed it off. But having seen the video and how it works in action, it almost makes me want to wear it and start doing my reps with the couch in the living room.

Since the robotic arm braces the back, it can help the user keep a good posture to prevent fatigue or injury. So not only does this amazing device helps patients rebuild strength and recover from injuries, but it also tries to stop any injuries from occurring in the first place. Watch the video below to get a better understanding of how the Titan Arm works.


Given that some exoskeletons can cost anywhere between tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands it’s refreshing to learn it’ll only cost $2,000 to build the Arm. With the profit margins and other factors involved, consumer can expect to buy this piece work for around $3,000-$3,5000 USD. But don’t hold your breath, the competitions just ended and the team has some other plans in mind before they put it on the market.

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