Top 5 Gadget Gifts That She’ll Love You For

It’s a lie. Women DO in fact like cool gadgets as much as we do, they just haven’t found the right one yet. We keep telling ourselves that they hate all gadgets just so we can selfishly claim all the cool toys and have all the fun. If you missed her Christmas gift, it’s still not too late. Give her a gift this new year and help her have a better 2014.

iGrill ($49.95)

It’s no secret that most ladies love cooking for their loved ones. It gives them a tremendous amount of joy when they see their family enjoying the lovely meal they’ve put together. This gadget will help make their lives easier and take the guess-work out of preparing the best steak or roast.


The iGrill Mini is a Bluetooth enabled accessory that gives you the precise temperature of your food. You can simply stick it in the middle of your steak or roast and it’ll let know you when the food reaches the desired temperature. This means the perfect steak every time.

Parrot Flower Power Plant Health Sensor ($79.95)

I am yet to meet one who doesn’t like planting. They’re full of joy when they start planting but that’s followed by an equally intense sadness when the plants die.

The Parrot Flower Power will give you all the information you need to give your plants the best chance of survival. You simply place it in the soil, garden or pot, and it’ll will tell you about soil moisture, fertiliser, ambient temperature and light intensity.


With this gift not only she gets to have her perfect garden, but you get to enjoy fresh, organic vegetables on the side of your steak.

Withings Smart Baby Monitor ($299.95)

It’s no secret that women like to worry. While it would be foolish of a man to ask her to “Relax”, it would be seen as a sweet gesture when he provides her the tools to make her feel more at ease. We all love our kids and worry about them, specially in the first few months of their birth.

The Withings Baby Monitor is packed full of useful features to give her the piece of mind when she knows she’s not going to be around for a while. The monitor provides two simultaneous listening and hearing while streaming high-resolution video to your smart device. You will also be able to select a range of lullabies and multicolour night-light to make sure the little one has a good sleep at night.


Perhaps the best feature is the WiFi connectivity, this means the monitor can be accessed from the other side of the world the same way it would if you were at home. This means she can finally run to the grocery store or run aronds knowing she can keep an eye on the baby at anytime.

Griffin Beacon Universal Remote ($94.95)

Going back to the initial point, women don’t hate cool technology. They just don’t want to deal with stupid, complicated devices that are designed to confuse. I’m sure they enjoy the high-end wireless speakers and the 4k screen just as much, but they never turn it on because it’s just too damn complicated.


Majority of home entertainment systems work via infrared signals. You’re iPhone will connect to Griffon Universal Remote via Bluetooth and use it as a bridge to translate digital signals into infrared that can be received by your home system. All you need is a free app from the app store and you’re good to go.

#1 – Your Gift

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