Google+ YouTube Integration
Google’s Plan To Monetize Google+ By Merging It With YouTube

You’ve used YouTube at least once, and chances are you have uploaded a video to the video streaming giant at some stage. If you haven’t visited the site yet, I’d hate to be the one to tell you, but my 90 years grandfather is at an advantage. So do yourself a favor and jump on and don’t forget your popcorn, you might get stuck there for a few hours. If you’re a bit hazy on the history of the company, here’s a short paragraph to bring you up to speed.


The company was found by Chad Hurly and two of his colleagues from PayPal in early 2005 and was acquired shortly after by the search engine lord “THE GOOGLE”. The website had an extremely hard time in the 18 months that it operated as an independent startup. Imagine having to deal with terabytes of data everyday and having to deal with server fees, operations, scalability and engineering costs. After the company was snatched up by Google, we started seeing new features and designs pop up almost weekly.

First we had the new look and then a wide array of new features, such as the auto caption, 3D videos, HTML5 player and the list goes on. With such demand and traction it’s no wonder Google is pumping so much resources into YouTube and that’s the main reason why we continue to see it getting implemented so deeply within all other services. A few months ago Google started “encouraging” all video creators to merge their Google+ account with YouTube in order have identical details displayed under both services to increase credibility and recognition by the audience.

Why Integrate

A few days ago Google launched Helpouts, its online tutoring and help desk service in an attempt monetize the Hangouts service and finally make it profitable. Hangouts is a service that was introduced as a part of Google+ (Google’s attempt at social networking). Just the fact that Google had to design a whole new product to make Hangouts profitable or at least self-sustaining, shows us that Google+ – the main product – is not doing so well. Google has been trying to get more and more users to use its Facebook killer, but it seems like all the cool kids are still happy HangingOut(Get it?) with Mr. Zuckerberg.

It is now the case, that when you create a new Gmail account, you’ll automatically be given a Google+ profile. We are starting to see a similar behavior with YouTube, where if creators choose to not merge their information with Google+, they’ll be provided with a Google+ page whether they like it or not. Although this may seem a bit desperate on Google’s side, this will boost their active users number which can help them with monetization and bragging topics. Google recently rolled out its new commenting system that’s based on Google+ and the creators will now be able to view/respond comments on their G+ page instead of the traditional page. That leaves us with no choice but to believe Google is trying to merge the two services together.

Google+ & YouTube: The perfect Marriage

God no. Are you out of you mind? YouTube has had more than 8 years to mature and adapt to consumer demands. Google+ on the other hand has a lot of catching up to do. While there are different aspects of each service that can compliment the other, the YouTube experience will see a hard decline due to its soon to be bride (Google+ gets to be bride, because it’s the pretty one). There are certain match making rules you just can’t ignore. I was taught not to aim for anyone with more than  2 points of difference on the hotness scale, and that seems like a tip Google can really use right now. They’re trying to fix up a 4 (G+) with an 8 (YouTube), and it’s just going to lead into an ugly divorce or even worst, a dysfunctional relationship.

Now What?

Google’s plan to integrate the two services is almost impossible to ignore. I suggest we all spend as much time as possible with our precious YouTube and just hope for the best. With all fairness, Google has stepped up their user interface and experience game and I hope that when they do merge the services, it’ll be in tactful and tasteful way that enhances the experience. From what we’ve seen so far with the comments integration, I can say that they are on the right track. Remember this blog post when you’re watching a video on YouTube next year sometime. I don’t want to be that guy, but I told you so.

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