App Review: Taasky

There is no shortage of task managers in the App Store, taken from Apple’s stock standard Reminders app to the natural language processing apps. Taasky is one of those apps that has made a lot of press buzz and managed to attract a strong following even before it launched. The app markets itself around its sleek design and great usability, but unfortunately the app maker can only deliver on one of those two promises.

UI (User Interface)

Taasky is a beautifully designed app, with gorgeous, pixel perfect icons. It takes full advantage of the new iOS 7 guidelines and brings a slick flat design to the table. This however, does not stand in their way of brining a colourful app to your phone’s screen.

Since the app has opted for a flat design, it’s important that they have great animations in place, in order to provide the user a sense of location and depth. Although Taasky uses features like blurred boxes and a few other APIs to deliver a rich iOS experience, I couldn’t help but to notice the Windows Phone OS like animations throughout the app. While this is not a deal breaker, it doesn’t add much to the visual aesthetic of the app.


UX (User Experience)

It seems as though the designers were so caught up with creating a beautiful interface, that they forgot about the other half. The half that helps us decide whether or not we keep using their pretty app day after day. Taasky promised us a simplified task management experience. While that’s what we may see at the first glance, it’ll soon be buried under a pile of unnecessary animations and interactions.

photo 2-5

According to Steve Jobs, the user doesn’t have to be taught how to use the app and what to do once it’s opened. It should be intuitive and comprehensive. I’m afraid Taasky is none of those things.

To create a simple task, user cannot simply tap the “Done” key to add it to the list. The “Done” key will get rid of the keyboard, the user will then have to tap on the top right hand corner button to save the reminder. Scrolling up before tapping the save button will get rid of your event, which in my opinion is bazaar and unacceptable.

photo 1-4

On a brighter note, the app does have a great action feedback system in place. When you add, delete and change things around you’ll receive an audible feedback, and while it may seem like a very mundane detail, I believe it adds to the experience.


Although Taasky is a beautifully designed app it fails to deliver the user experience that I have come to expect out of productivity apps on the iOS platform. It’s very much like a beautiful girl that ruins everything she touches. It’s nice to wake up next to her every morning and see her beautiful face, but you know you cannot trust her to run your errands.

I’ve used the app for the past week but unfortunately I had to delete it as I could not see myself using an app with such bad UX (User Experience). I personally get really caught up in the little usability details and cannot look past them, but that’s just me. I recognise the tremendous amount of work that’s gone into designing this app and that’s why I’ll be revisiting it in the near future, hoping that the developers would have rethought some of their decisions.

I don’t believe that the app is worth the regular $0.99 AUD, but you can jump over to the app store and download your copy for free today only.

I’m really interested to hear your thoughts and opinions about Taasky, so drop me line and let me know what you think. I’m also pretty responsive on twitter, so hit me up.