Learn How To Code On Your iPhone Using Codecademy’s Hour Of Code

Codecademy released an iPhone app today that aims to teach us the fundamentals of  computer science. The company is well known for their interactive programming courses at at beginner to advanced users. They seem to be one of the very first to back the Hour Of Code ( a program that hopes to promote programming within schools and communities) initiative.

Whether we like to admit or not, it doesn’t change the fact that we’re moving towards a future where coding or at least knowledge of coding is a prerequisite to landing a job. Let’s think about a decade ago, when we were still relying on traditional forms (pen and paper) of record keeping for businesses. Now let’s think about how a business is ran today. It’s almost impossible to come across a job listing that doesn’t require basic computer skills. These skills may include word processing, working with presentation software and analysis using a spreadsheet software. Although knowledge of these softwares was not required a few years ago, they have become very popular amongst businesses as they make our lives easier by solving problems.

I believe the same thing will happen to coding/programming, and future generations might have a hard time scoring that sweet job without knowing their way around code.


The Premise

The app consists of 5 courses for time being. These courses will introduce an absolute beginner to the world of code and help them get familiar with the syntax (grammar) and data types (verbs, nouns) available. Compared to the full list of courses available on their website, the app has very limited material, but the idea behind the project was to help the user learn the basics of programming.


While the training course doesn’t focus on one particular language, it teaches users the common grounds. For example it doesn’t matter if a student is learning english in Australia, America or England, the grammar is the same for the most part. Similarly, it doesn’t matter if a user is learning Java, C++, Javascript or Python, the syntax is the same for most part, and that’s what the app is capitalising on for time being.


Have you ever tried coding on your iPhone? I have. Quite frankly I’d rather hang myself from the ceiling than to spend 30 minutes of my time coding on my 3.5″ 4s screen. They keyboard is not optimised to be code friendly, the screen is too small and don’t even get me started on the stupid auto-correct.

But fear not, Codecademy’s app has been designed for mobile devices. While you’ll be able to edit the code to some extend, you’re never asked to write the code from scratch. Not yet at least. This helps bring users a more pleasant experience while making sure they have direct input in the final rendering of the code. This is obviously a challenge from a development point of view and will consume a lot of time to develop each single training session.

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No one said programming needs to be boring. Mix it up a little


There has never been a better time to learn how to code. Whether it’s to get a pay rise at your international firm or to create your own products on the weekends. The Hour Of Code initiative, while aimed at schools and young student, will undoubtedly help us as a community become more aware of the products and services we use everyday and help contribute towards accelerating our technological advancements.

The Codecademy app will get you up and running with the basics of programming within the first 60 minutes. It has been designed to be used on the move so you can take your learning with you wherever you are. The app is a free download from the Apple’s App Store, so I strongly suggest you jump over there and download the app.

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on future of code, so drop me a comment below and let’s talk about this.