Apple Updates Pages, Keynote and Numbers to Allow a More Customised Experience

Apple pushed out the first ever update to its redesigned Pages, Numbers and Keynote. The update will bring back one of the most demanded features that Apple removed of when they “Simplified” the iWork productivity suit last month. The tech giant announced shortly after the launch, that it will be bringing back a few of the missing features over time, and as always it’s good to see them deliver those promises.

The x.0.1 update will bring back the ability to customise the toolbar that the top with the most important tools. It’s also make your documents more print friendly by turning on the centre and edge guide by default. This can of course be turned of if you wish to do so.

In order to customise your toolbar just right click on the grey area at the top and select Customise toolbar from the drop down (Figure 1).


You’ll then need to drag and drop the icons that you want unto your toolbar and click Done when you’re finished. (Figure 2)

pages-toolbar-customizeYou can follow the same steps to customise your toolbar for Keynote, Pages, and Numbers. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you have any question. All comments will be read and replied to.