IFTTT’s Brings Location Channels To iOS And Confirms Android App

The popular trigger based service, IFTTT (If This Then That), updated its iOS app to bring Location based channels to users’ phones. Users will now be able to create recipes to be triggered when they’re in a close proximity of a specified location.

As things stand, there are only a few truly useful actions available to users, but if history is any indication, we can expect this trigger to be flooded by amazing range of actions soon. There are location based recipes that allow users to turn on/off their Belkin WeMo lights as they enter or exit their home/office. You can find a list of top 5 location based recipes here.


But the Location trigger is not the only exciting thing that was announced. The SF based company also announced that they have an Android version in the works that should be on your artificially sweetened phones sometime next year. While the Android platform will be heavily influenced by the success of iOS and Web, it will boast a few custom triggers and actions that will be specific to the open platform (Perhaps NFC)

Currently the IFTTT has a pretty close off ecosystem, meaning they’re the only ones capable of creating triggers and actions. Although the company has briefly mentioned that they are working on a platform to allow developers create channels, triggers and actions, they’re not quite ready to announce it publicly. Hopefully they’ll add the finishing touches and push it out to the community soon.

The iOS app also so a few bug fixes and usability improvement. The app now allows searching and favouriting the recipes to make the discovery experience easier on the mobile end. I’d be very interested to see how the company takes advantage of the openness of Android to deliver a more powerful experience to the end user.

I use IFTTT on daily basis to automate most of my online activity and I’ll be keeping up to date with the latest developments. Make sure you follow our blog or follow me on twitter to stay up to date with the latest.