Instagram Takes On Snapchat with Direct Messaging

Instagram added a direct messaging feature to its popular photo and video sharing app earlier this week. The new feature allows users to send videos and photos privately to friends or groups of people of their choosing. They will of course be able to use filters and frames, before pressing send.

Facebook acquired the happy snappy app in April 2012 in a bid to expand its user base. But the game has changed since then, and not long ago we started seeing Snapchat start winning the heart of young ones. Facebook tried buying Snapchat a few months ago, but ended up leaving the meeting with a broken heart after it was rejected by the self-destructing messaging app.

When Facebook learned its money wasn’t good enough for Snapchat, it set out a challenge to build a competing product. Although the direct messaging feature is not quite the self-destructing feature you’d expect, it will create some serious competition for Snapchat.

In addition to the direct messaging feature, Instagram’s latest update brings a few minor UI tweaks that fixes a few strange behaviours, for example the status bar colour change as a user scroll up.

Overall the new direct messaging feature is a great addition to the already amazing app, but Facebook’s intentions remain unclear. The sharing interface is amazingly done and I for one, am hoping for them to bring that interface to more areas of the app.

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