GeeksPhone’s Revolution To Run Android and Firefox OS

We have come a far way in terms of smartphones in the past few years, and it has been a very interesting journey. I still remember the first time I held a colour phone. I was absolutely dazzled by the colourful screen and WAP browser (not that I knew how awesome the technology was back then). Year of technological advances and genius inventions resulted in what we now know as a smartphone. Not only they keep us in touch with friends and family via text, call and social networking, given the right tools they are capable of automating our entire household.

Back in 2007 Apple announced its original iPhone, and just like any other great product it attracted a tremendous amount of competition. Apple decided to keep it iOS a private and closed off system (jailed) in order to ensure and consistent and harmonious user experience which still stands true today. Meanwhile, Google was working on its own Android Mobile OS, but unlike Apple, they decided to make it an open platform. Google allowed hardware manufacturers to design and distribute phones running Android, in order to speed up market domination.

Needless to say both iOS and Android have been a major success, and just like all successful projects they’ve attracted more competition (or at least wannabe competitors). Their competition consists of Windows Phone, Ubuntu Phone, Tizen, Firefox OS and a dozen other less known platforms. While the manufacturers are doing a great job with producing compelling products, they normally tend to limit the end user to one of the operating systems. Our technology has evolved dramatically in the past few years, to a point that some of our smartphones are more powerful than our desktop computer. So if we have the option to boot multiple OSs on desktop, why shouldn’t we be able to do the same on mobile?

This is where GeeksPhone steps in and tries to save the day. Earlier yesterday, word got out that the Spanish company will be adding a new device to its family of Firefox OS devices. According to Geeksphone,¬†Revolution¬†will enable you to use either Android or Firefox OS and if you are an “advanced user”. The device is primarily Android based, but Firefox OS can be added by installing a ROM.

Although the device sounds promising, I’m not holding my breath for the phone to be delivered anytime soon. The company has failed to deliver its higher end Peak+ device due to manufacturing problems and has no idea when these issues are going to be rectified. The device will cost just north of $400. There are no official words on the internal specs but the company has hinted that we are in for a treat.

The company is planning on releasing the phones in Spain, with no plans for international shipping yet. I’m just hoping they’ll rectify their manufacturing issues soon, because I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.