Say Hello To Instagram Ads!! They’re Here To Stay

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve hear of Instagram. Given the popularity of the photo sharing app, it’s actually more likely that you’ve used the service a few times. Maybe to take a picture of your cute cat or your impressive new shoe collection. Regardless of how familiar you are with the social networking g app, we all have our reasons to love it. In my case it’s the fact that it simplifies sharing and interacting with my friends. Believe it or not that’s quite difficult to come by these days.

Instagram made its first appearance at 2010 and filled a very large gap in the market. Even at its early stages, the app offered/mimicked a few impressive features that would make any tech-sucker’s jaw drop. One example was the blazing fast file upload which was achieved using a combination of image size management, smart filters and most importantly the smart background upload. It hid all the unnecessary screens away from you and uploaded your image while you were busy putting in your caption and tagging your friends. In fact it still does that, and many of other apps have copied the same functionality, simply because it works perfectly.

Instagram had a very good run for two year and then like most other successful startups, it had its lucky exit. Facebook bought Instagram for $1billion in 2012 and now the social networking giant wants to earn some of that money back by implementing ads between photos in your stream. I quite honestly had my reservations about the ads, but at end if the day I understand they need to monetise the service somehow.

Instagram AdSo far there has only been one incident of ads appearing the photo sharing app, and it’s very comforting to see there are standards to ensure the ad will not disturb the experience with will loom exactly just like another photo in your stream. The ad is distinguished by a ” sponsor” label instead of the time stamp. This approach is very similar to twitter’s promoted tweets which seems to be quite a successful business model.

I do believe that Instagram might be able to monetise its apps by offering in app purchases and having some sort of premium features at a cost for businesses, but I’m not going to throw a tantrum about a few ads in my stream. After all the flashing red and yellow ads I’ve seen on the internet, I think my geeky brain can sensor the Instagram ads for me.

It will cost business money to have their ads displayed so we are very likely to see quality, professional photography in out stream. As weird as it might sound, I’m quite excited about seeing how this turns out.