Spotify Finally Brings Connect to Android

iOS users have been enjoying Spotify Connect for sometime now, and since Spotify had the opportunity to improve the technology on a stronger platform, they finally decided to bring it to Android. Spotify Connect works very similar to Apple’s AirPlay technology. You connect you speaker to WiFi, fire up the Spotify app, connect to the speaker and let the music take you away. That’s it in a nutshell.


  1. Because Spotify Connect leverages WiFi it can provide a farther range than your traditional Bluetooth speakers. All you need a half decent wireless connection to enjoy your seamless music.
  2. The technology is truly seamless. With AirPlay and Bluetooth services the music is always paused when you receive a phone call or carry out certain activities on your phone. But with Spotify Connect, your music will keep playing (even during a phone call) until you tell it to stop.
  3. Although the technology is young, it seems to be catching on fast with manufacturers and designers. This is mainly due to the ease of integration and versatility.


Although I like the technology and appreciate how forward thinking it is, I can’t help but to feel it’s just another “me too” product. Spotify doesn’t want to feel left out of the Wireless streaming business and that’s why they’ve created an almost identical AirPlay technology instead of leveraging on an already existing platform.


Spotify Connect ships as a feature with the service and you don’t have to deal with it unless you have  a Connect compatible speaker. The feature has one main advantage over AirPlay and that’s the uninterrupted experience during a phone call. I would have loved for a collaboration between Spotify and Apple to better AirPlay experience, but that’s not likely to happen in this decade. Until then we just need to cross our fingers and wait for smart manufacturers to implement both services into their products.