Top 5 Location Based IFTTT Recipes

IFTTT (If This Then That) updated its iOS app earlier this week to add a Location channel to its list. Users can now trigger actions based on their location. We’ve gone through pages and pages of recipes and compiled the top 5 most awesome entries for you.

#1: Turn On/Off Your Smart Lights

Even the most mindful of us forget to turn the lights off at home or office when we leave, leaving us with a fat electricity bill. This will no longer be a problem, given that you have a set of smart lights.





#2: Log Your Work Hours

This can be specially useful for shift workers who don’t have a sign on/off system at work. Never again do you have to worry about writing down those shifts. Let you phone look after it.


#3: Let Her/Him Know When You’re Almost Home



#4: Play Music Upon Arrival



This one is a little trickier, because it uses Dropbox to trigger an Automator action in order to play a song from your iTunes playlist. Find full instructions here.


#5: Never Forget Your Car Spot Again

Parking in the middle of the night, or have to find your car in the middle of the night? Most of the time we forgot where we parked and forgot to write down the exact location. This recipe will remind to store the location.





It’s now your turn to create an amazing recipe and share it with the community. Jump over to IFTTT, create a recipe and share it with us on twitter @samatrouh.