Archive.org: The Internet Time Machine

To know where we’re headed, we must first know where we come from! Right? Does the same thing apply to the internet? Of course it does. Surely internet is evolving far faster than anything else we have seen, but being able to see its origin and beginnings will help us better predict where it might be headed in the near future. This is what archive.org has set out to do.

Archive.org is a non-profit organisation that was founded to build an Internet library. The basic function of the website is that the users will be able to put in web address, for example google.com, and then go back in time and see how the site has changed over the years. Archive.org has indexed over 368 billion pages and continues to add more pages to its already existing library of 2 petabytes of data.

Whether you’re preparing for your next 10000 word essay on the history of the web, or just have 10 minutes to kill, Archive.org is the place to be. These days we see majority of entrapenuere put a lot of thought and effort in pretty products, but that often means that quality is being compromised on. Going back and having a look at what we now know as tech giants, it immediately becomes clear that their success was based on great service and experience rather than pretty graphics and animations.

I’ve compiled a few snapshot of the popular websites we use everyday, and it’s amazing to see how these websites have evolved and improved over the years. I urge you to head over to web.archives.org and put in the address of you favourite website/blog.

I’ll be looking at the top 5 tech giants of this decade, and comparing their websites to the first available snapshots available. We’ll have a look at how they’ve matured over the years, and how that maturity shows through their websites. I’m sure you’ll get a real kick out of it. To make sure you don’t miss out, either subscribe to the mailing list on the right or follow me on twitter.